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Affiliate System

On this platform, we reward loyalty to the brand, giving countless members of the public the opportunity to earn! We offer an affiliate program that is in two folds to expand your horizon and give limitless opportunities for reward.

Most acceptable marketing strategy is referral program. Success starts by integrating the referral program throughout your entire business. By following this philosophy MineMuse introduce five level referral programs for investors. This allows investors to generate additional earning for them and as well as for their referrals. At a very first level investors can earn 10% commission from this referral investment program. Moving towards 2nd level referral, investor can earn 2% commission, at 3rd level investors can earn 1% of commission, at 4th level investors can earn 0.7% of commission and at 5th level investors can earn 0.3% of commission. So spread this beautiful opportunity to all over the world and get them benefited by referring MineMuse.

5 Level Referal Commission