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Earn as an Affiliate

Put Your Network and Social Media to Work and Earn with Your Referrals
Low Investment | High Returns| Limitless Growth


Refer MineMuse to your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances and let MineMuse convert them into lucrative assets

Ultimate Passive Income

This is a passive income opportunity, unlike any other. The more your referrals convert, the more commission you get

Potentially Unlimited

The enormous potential ROI ensures that your referrals keep investing and growing, which translates into regular income for you

Harness the Power of a Referral Programme that Rewards Loyalty for You & Your Referrals

MineMuse brings you a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency investment and referral programme that rewards you for not only the referrals you bring to the platform, but also the referrals of your referrals.

This unique affiliate programme brings in passive income from referrals up to 5 levels below you. First, you earn by referring MineMuse to your network and then you also earn when people in your network refer MineMuse to people in their network.

How it Works?

Become a MineMuse Affiliate and Start Earning Extra Income in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Join MineMuse and make your first investment

Step 2

Advertise MineMuse to everyone you know

Step 3

Earn a fixed percentage in commission from your referrals

Join MineMuse Today to Unlock Unlimited Growth

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