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MineMuse Launches the Most Ambitious, Crowdfunded, Commercial Mining Programme & ICO Pre-Sale

Sep-25-2019 02:00:17 PM

MineMuse’s cloud mining programme offers ICO pre-sale investors a unique opportunity to invest in large-scale bitcoin mining and generate massive and consistent profits for years.

MineMuse LLC has officially launched the crowdfunding programme for its commercial bitcoin mining operations with the installation of over 5000 ASICs/GPUs as part of its first phase of the multi-stage infrastructure deployment after obtaining a seed funding of $3 million. The company has simultaneously started offering pre-sale tokens for its eponymous cryptocurrency (MNM) starting this month.

The MineMuse cloud mining programme aims to democratise bitcoin mining, which is currently consolidated by large corporations who have the vast resources essential for realising the huge economies of scale critical for making bitcoin mining profitable. The ever-increasing costs of bitcoin mining have made it all but unprofitable for small-scale operations. Therefore, MineMuse cloud mining programme relies on crowdfunding to deploy the highly expensive, specialised infrastructure and operations required for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

This unique cloud mining programme vastly minimises costs and thereby maximises profits for the stakeholders in several ways. Firstly, obtaining IT infrastructure required for the mining directly from the manufacturers helps keep upfront investment and operational costs low. Secondly, the mining centres are located in colder regions globally, so that the natural cooling saves astronomical costs that would otherwise be incurred on cooling the servers. Lastly, only the most advanced hardware is deployed for mining, which maximises the efficiency of the mining operations.

As MineMuse expands its infrastructure deployment and operations, it calls upon enterprising investors to be part of its growth story and reap the rewards by investing in its initial coin offering’s presale. The presale is offering 9.43 million MNM tokens at $0.3 per token, essentially allowing the early investors an opportunity to invest in MNM tokens at a 40% discounted price. The upcoming public sale will offer the same MNM tokens for $0.5.
The highly efficient, large-scale operations of MineMuse offer 7.2% to 10.4% assured returns for investors every day. Over a 20-day sprint, the returns on investments accumulate to as much as 208%, effectively giving investors a flat 108% net profits on their investments.

The company is working with renewable energy equipment manufacturers to obtain and install solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy-powered power plants to keep their mining operations eco-friendly, cost-effective, and unexposed to the risks of the changing political climate.

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